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69. Snow aids farmers by keeping heart in the lower ground levels, thereby sav
ing the seeds from freezing.
69.雪对农民是一种帮助,因为它保持地层土壤的温度,使种子不致冻死。 (来源:专业英语学习网站 http://www.EnglishCN.com)

70. Even though the precise qualities of hero in literary words may vary over
time, the basic exemplary function of the hero seems to remain constant.

71. People in prehistoric times created paints by grinding materials such as p
lants and clay into power and then adding water.

72. Often very annoying weeds, goldenrods crowd out less hardy plants and act
as hosts to many insect pests.

73. Starting around 7000 B.C., and for the next four thousand years, much of t
he Northern Hemisphere experienced temperatures warmer than at present.

74. When Henry Ford first sought financial backing for making cars, the very n
otion of farmers and clerks owning automobiles was considered ridiculous.

75. Though once quite large, the population of the bald eagle across North Ame
rica has drastically declined in the past forty years.

76. The beaver chews down trees to get food and material with which to build i
ts home.

77. Poodles were once used as retrievers in duck hunting, but the American Ken
nel Club does not consider them sporting dogs because they are now primarily k
ept as pets.
77.长卷毛狗曾被用作猎鸭时叼回猎物的猎犬,但是美国Kennel Club却不承认它们为猎犬,

78. As a result of what is now know in physics and chemistry, scientists have
been able to make important discoveries in biology and medicine.

79. The practice of making excellent films based on rather obscure novels has
been going on so long in the United States as to constitute a tradition.

80. Since the consumer considers the best fruit to be that which is the most a
ttractive, the grower must provide products that satisfy the discerning eye.

81. Television the most pervasive and persuasive of modern technologies, marke
d by rapid change and growth, is moving into a new era, an era of extraordinar
y sophistication and versatility, which promises to reshape our lives and our

82. Television is more than just an electronics; it is a means of expression,
as well as a vehicle for communication, and as such becomes a powerful tool fo
r reaching other human beings.

83. Even more shocking is the fact that the number and rate of imprisonment ha
ve more than doubled over the past twenty years, and recidivism——that is the
 rate for re-arrest——is more than 60 percent.

84. His teaching began at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but Willi
am Rainey Harper lured him to the new university of Chicago, where he remained
 officially for exactly a generation and where his students in advanced compos
ition found him terrifyingly frigid in the classroom but sympathetic and underst
anding in their per
sonal conferences.
84.他的教书生涯始于麻省理工学院,但是William Rainey Harper把他吸引到了新成立的

85. The sloth pays such little attention to its personal hygiene that green al
gae grow on its coarse hair and communities of a parasitic moth live in the de
pths of its coat producing caterpillars which graze on its mouldy hair. Its mu
scles are such that it is quits incapable of moving at a speed of over a kilomet
er an hour even ove
r the shortest distances and the swiftest movement it can make is a sweep of i
ts hooked arm.

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·How do you study for a test?
·I used to be afraid of the dark.
·Teenagers should be allowed to choose their ow
·What would you do?
·It must belong to Carla

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