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Israeli President, Shimon Peres:"(We are now negotiating with the Palestinians in order to realize the two-state-solution) A Jewish state, Israel. An Arab state -- Palestinian. There is no other peaceful alternative to that conflict." (来源:EnglishCN.com)


Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas: "Our wounded hands are still able to carry the olive branch from the rubble of the tree that the occupation uproots every day."


In a joyful break from the tensions in Gaza, more than 6,000 children took part in a kite flying contest at the UN Relief and Works Agency' summer camp -- and set a new world record.


65 years after Hiroshima, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declared that it was time to free the world of nuclear weapons. Ban Ki-moon: "…this is the only sane path."


In Prague, the US and Russia signed a new arms reduction treaty and at the UN the 189 Member nations of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty agreed to cut nuclear arsenals in a series of small steps.


UN Messenger of Peace, Michael Douglas: "It is my profound hope that we could be witnessing the beginning of the end of nuclear weapons."


Even as the UN pushes for a ban on all nuclear tests, there's still concern that North Korea and Iran are attempting to make nuclear bombs.


BAN KI-MOON:"I call on Iran to fully comply with Security Council Resolutions and fully cooperate with the IAEA. I encourage the Democratic People's Republic of Korea … to realize the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula."


2010 is the year of biodiversity. These orphaned gorilla babies in Congo lost their parents to poachers. Peacekeepers airlifted them to a nature reserve to help reduce illegal trading in endangered species. In Nagoya,the 193 members of the Convention on Biological Diversity vowed to halt the loss of the world's plant and animal species, increase protection for the world's vital ecosystems, and to share the Earth's genetic resources equally.


This year heads of State gathered at the UN to review progress on the Millennium Development Goals to create a world free of extreme poverty by 2015.


A lot has been achieved since the year 2000: Three million more children survive past the age of 5 every year. More than five million people in developing countries have access to affordable drugs for HIV/AIDS-and millions more boys AND girls are going to school. For the first time in decades significantly fewer women are dying in childbirth. Promoting the interests of women and girls across the globe, the UN created a new entity for Gender Equality, called UN WOMEN.


With a billion people still hungry, the challenges facing the world are tremendous.


The UN worked together with governments the private sector and even royalty. Queen Elizabeth the Second came to the UN more than 50 years after her first visit:

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