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Gemini (May 21 - June 21) (来源:老牌的英语学习网站 http://www.EnglishCN.com)

OVERVIEW: Gemini thrives on change, variety and mental stimulation. You will attract these in all areas of your life, making for a very exciting year. Use your talent of looking at your emotions objectively to come to terms with them when2007年十二星座运势-双子座 you don't understand logically what's going on in your life. Emotions are like events to you, and you have the ability to categorize them well. Your ability to feel connected with people will help keep strong relationships going this year. Treat life's challenges as projects and you will inevitably figure out what's going on.

You will make long strides in your career this year - as long as you keep faith in yourself. The energy you put into your work will allow you to experience many material blessings in your home environment. Pay close attention to your own creative ideas. Many new inspirational ideas are coming your way and you will benefit by putting your ideas into action in your career. It's important for you to be recognized and feel appreciated for your efforts.

You attract a variety off people with your great charm, and you have a natural ability to gain admiration. You'll feel energized by the opposite sex. For most of the year, communication will be top priority, and you'll be asked to articulate your inspirational ideas in some kind of writing project. Friends and family are key in helping you manifest your desires, especially in the latter part of the year, and the chance to deepen your relationships with them makes you very happy!




CAREER: In 2007, you will have great opportunities to reinvent yourself in your career. Boredom with conventional approaches pushes you to express your idealistic motivation rather than your worldly success. Resources are available to you and your sense of value is strong. You have a strong urge to define which resources create security, safety and comfort for yourself and those closest to you. You will work at establishing your own personal authority and will reinvent yourself in a larger way. You have the analytical ability to communicate your needs clearly, and you'll find that you are satisfied monetarily in your business dealings.

You are shrewd in business and can succeed in almost any profession you choose. Having faith in your mental powers and cultivating a positive attitude is something that serves you tremendously well. You integrate wonderfully with others, and this enables you to function powerfully as part of a group. You may be drawn to social, humanitarian, religious or political groups and will easily align your own ideals with like-minded people.



LOVE: Your magnetic power attracts love and influential friends in 2007. You want to be around people who are as high-minded as you are. You are much more in need of sharing yourself in a one-on-one relationship than ever before and, lucky you, an adventurous lover is in store for you as your radiance attracts someone very special during the first three months of the year. With all the mental challenges of work, caring for yourself and attending to your partner, it's a good time to relax and have fun, too. This relationship couldn't have come at a better time.

Important opportunities are coming your way, so you'll benefit from taking chances and deepening your relationship in unique ways. The spiritual harmony you feel in this intimate relationship will be exhilarating as you share your dreams together.

Toward the end of the year, you will strive for balance and it will be natural for you to want more of a commitment. Engage in activities that help you explore the creativity welling up inside. You'll need plenty of space to think about your creative projects and how best to fulfill yourself.




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