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Aries (March 21 - April 19) (来源:www.EnglishCN.com)

OVERVIEW: Motivation and hard work will help you recreate your life, giving you new opportunities in your career this year. Change is in the air. Go forward and walk through the doorways that life is opening for you. The positive energy you have cultivated will pay off in big ways. Work has always been very important, but you may start feeling some confinement or restriction in your freedom to be who you want to be. 2007年十二星座整体运势之白羊座

A new cycle of blessings is on its way and your life will be totally transformed. You'll know instinctively what it is that will give you the balance and connectedness you need to make the right choices. You will be getting out of the house more and a surprising change of focus will be take place. The home you have created is nurturing and gives you a place to retreat. The relaxing atmosphere helps you feel secure.

You have a wonderful chance to explore far away places this year. You could travel to locations that stimulate your emotions and bring you to a new level of happiness. Go for it! You will be supported financially and these opportunities will transform your life in ways that you've never imagined.




CAREER: Fiery Aries definitely will feel motivated to make a social contribution to society this year. With your wonderful leadership skills, your career is guided by drive, stamina and commitment. Achievement and recognition are important to you. You have what it takes to become famous for your contributions to society and you just may attain that goal soon! No doubt, you will be working toward ambitious professional aspirations and will realize your true source of personal power.

You will feel a need to serve your high expectations in 2007. You will be cautious in advancing to the top of a new opportunity coming your way. You may feel a need to rush into things to make the necessary changes, but it is important that you channel your abundant energy constructively so that your need to be active doesn't drain you. You have quite a pioneering spirit and are willing to tackle any project that comes your way. You forge ahead, and yet towards the beginning of summer, you need a break from focusing so much on your present job. You may start feeling a need to go in a new direction.

Opportunities will manifest in ways you never even dreamed of. You may get the chance to travel both for work and for pleasure. By the end of the year, you will be working smarter rather than harder, and will be much more practical in how you spend your time. Work that motivates your ideals will capture your undivided attention. Because you are optimistic, idealistic and high-minded, you will find the career change you make gives you the freedom, adventure and personal satisfaction you've been seeking.




LOVE: This year, love will become as much of a focus as your career. You're ready for solid change and fresh love in your life. You like to please everybody and should beware of a tendency to be all things to all people. You are the soul of courtesy, and are gracefully elegant in manner, a visionary personality with altruistic ideals. You are popular, and may have a wide circle of friends. On the other hand, you may have problems, such as deception in friendships or confusion regarding a friend's true motives.

You have a realization this year to seek more emotional security for yourself, independent of your partnership. Having an intimate relationship is important to you, and near autumn it looks as if a perfect partner is in your life. You've been dreaming for quite some time to have that one special person in your life. You have a great capacity for joy and love, which expresses itself in acts of caring and giving to others.

Make sure you don't miss any opportunities to go out and have fun this year. During the summer, you will be having the time of your life, playfully doing things with that special someone. You and your new sweetie will enjoy adventures and possibly spend time traveling together to places you've always wanted to see. Being close to your partner in a creative way will bring you all the love you've been longing for.




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