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A Modest Inquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper Money;Poor Richard’s Almanack穷查理历书;The Way to Wealth致富之道;The Autobiography自传
The Case of the Officers of Excise税务员问题;Common Sense常识;American Crisis美国危机;Rights of Man人的权利:Downfall of Despotism专制体制的崩溃;The Age of Reason理性时代
The Rising Glory of America蒸蒸日上的美洲;The British Prison Ship英国囚船;To the Memory of the Brave Americans纪念美国勇士-----同类诗中最佳;The Wild Honeysuckle野生的金银花;The Indian Burying Ground印第安人殡葬地
A History of New York纽约的历史-----美国人写的第一部诙谐文学杰作;The Sketch Book见闻札记The Legend of Sleepy Hollow睡谷的传说-----使之成为美国第一个获得国际声誉的作家;Bracebridge Hall布雷斯布里奇田庄;Talks of Travellers旅客谈;The Alhambra阿尔罕伯拉
The Spy间谍;The Pilot领航者;The Littlepage Manuscripts利特佩奇的手稿;Leatherstocking Tales皮裹腿故事集:The Pioneer拓荒者;The Last of Mohicans最后的莫希干人;The Prairie大草原;The Pathfinder探路者;The Deerslayer杀鹿者
The Poems1821/1932诗选:To a Waterfowl致水鸟-----英语中最完美的短诗;Thanatopsis死亡随想---受墓园派影响; The Whitefooted Deer白蹄鹿;A Forest Hymn森林赋;The Flood of Years似水流年
Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque怪诞奇异故事集;Tales故事集;The Fall of the House of Usher厄舍古屋的倒塌;Ligeia莱琪儿;Annabel Lee安娜贝尔·李-----歌特风格;首开近代侦探小说先河,又是法国象征主义运动的源头
Tamerlane and Other Poems帖木儿和其他诗;Al Araaf,Tamerlane and Minor Poems艾尔·阿拉夫,帖木儿和其他诗;The Raven and Other Poems乌鸦及其他诗:The Raven乌鸦;The City in the Sea海城;Israfel 伊斯拉菲尔;To Hellen致海伦
Essays散文集:Nature论自然-----新英格兰超验主义者的宣言书;The American Scholar论美国学者;Divinity;The Oversoul论超灵;Self-reliance论自立;The Transcendentalist超验主义者;Representative Men代表人物;English Traits英国人的特征;School Address神学院演说 (来源:最老牌的英语学习网站 http://www.EnglishCN.com)
Concord Hymn康考德颂;The Rhodo杜鹃花;The Humble Bee野蜂;Days日子-首开自由诗之先河
Twice-told Tales尽人皆知的故事;Mosses from an Old Manse古屋青苔:Young Goodman Brown年轻的古德曼·布朗;The Scarlet Letter红字;The House of the Seven Gables有七个尖角阁的房子--------心理若们罗曼史;The Blithedale Romance福谷传奇;The Marble Faun玉石雕像
Wadden,or Life in the Woods华腾湖或林中生活;Resistance to Civil Government/Civil Disobedience抵制公民政府;A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers
Leaves of Grass草叶集:Song of the Broad-Axe阔斧之歌;I hear America Singing我听见美洲在歌唱;When Lilacs Lost in the Dooryard Bloom’d小院丁香花开时;Democratic Vistas民主的前景;The Tramp and Strike Question流浪汉和罢工问题;Song of Myself自我之歌
Moby Dick/The White Whale莫比·迪克/白鲸;Typee泰比;Omoo奥穆;Mardi玛地;Redburn雷得本;White Jacket白外衣;Pierre皮尔埃;Piazza广场故事;Billy Budd比利·巴德
The Song of Hiawatha海华沙之歌----美国人写的第一部印第安人史诗;Voices of the Night夜吟;Ballads and Other Poens民谣及其他诗;Belfry of Bruges and Other Poems布鲁茨的钟楼及其他诗;Tales of a Wayside Inn路边客栈的故事---诗集:An April Day四月的一天/A Psalm of Life人生礼物/Paul Revere’s Ride保罗·里维尔的夜奔;Evangeline伊凡吉琳;The Courtship of Miles Standish迈尔斯·斯坦迪什的求婚----叙事长诗;Poems on Slavery奴役篇---反蓄奴组诗
Poems Written During the Progress of the Abolition Question废奴问题;Voice of Freedom自由之声;In War Time and Other Poems内战时期所作;Snow-Bound大雪封门;The Tent on the Beach and Other Poems海滩的帐篷
Ichabod艾卡博德;A Winter Idyl冬日田园诗
Uncle Tom’s Cabin汤姆叔叔的小屋;A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp德雷德阴暗大沼地的故事片;The Minister’s Wooing牧师的求婚;The Pearl of Orr’s Island奥尔岛的珍珠;Oldtown Folks老城的人们
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave弗莱德里克·道格拉斯,一个美国黑人的自述/My Bondage and My Freedom我的枷锁与我的自由/The life and Time of Frederick Douglass弗莱德里克·道格拉斯的生平与时代
The Poems of Emily Dichenson埃米莉·迪金森诗集-----“Tell all the truth and tell it slant”迂回曲折的,玄学的
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County加拉维拉县有名的跳蛙;The Innocent’s Abroad傻瓜出国记;The Gilded Age镀金时代;The Adventures of Tom Sawyer汤姆·索耶历险记;The Prince and the Pauper王子与贫儿;The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn哈克贝利·费恩历险记;A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court亚瑟王宫中的美国佬;The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson傻瓜威尔逊;Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc冉·达克;The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg败坏哈德莱堡的人
How to Tell a Story怎样讲故事---对美国早期幽默文学的总结
The Luck of Roaring Camp咆哮营的幸运儿------乡土文学作家
The Rise of Silas Lapham赛拉斯·拉帕姆的发迹;A Modern Instance现代婚姻; A Hazard of Now Fortunes时来运转;A Traveller from Altruia从利他国来的旅客;Through the Eye of the Needle透过针眼----乌托邦小说;Criticism and Fiction;Novel-Writing and Novel-Reading小说创作与小说阅读
History of the United States During the Administration of Jefferson and Madison(历史著作);The Education of Henry Adams:An Autobiography享利·亚当斯的教育
Principles of Psychology心理学原理;The Will to Believe信仰的意志;Pragmatism:A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking实用主义:某些旧思想方法的新名称;The Meaning of Truth真理的意义
小说:Daisy Miller苔瑟·米乐;The Portrait of a Lady贵妇人画像;The Bostonians波士顿人;The Real Thing and Other Tales真货色及其他故事;The Wings of the Dove鸽翼;The Ambassadors大使;The Golden Bowl金碗
评论集:French Poets and Novelists法国诗人和小说家;Hawthorne霍桑;Partial Portraits不完全的画像;Notes and Reviews札记与评论;Art of Fiction and Other Essays小说艺术
小品集:The Fiend’s Deligh魔鬼的乐趣;Nuggests and Dust Panned out in California在加利福尼亚淘出的金块和金粉;Cobwebs from an Empty Skull来自空脑壳的蜘蛛网
短篇小说集:Tales of Soldiers and Civilians军民故事;In the Midst of Life在人生中间;Can Such Things Be?这种事情可能吗?The Devil’s Dictionary魔鬼词典(The Applicant申请者)
Looking Backward:2000-1887回顾:从2000看1887年;Equality平等;The Duke of  Sockbridge:A Romance of Shay’s Rebellion斯托克布里奇的公爵:雪司起义的故事;The Blindman’s World and Other Stories育人的世界及其他
The Man With the Hoe荷锄人
The Conjure Woman巫女;The Wife of His Youth and Other Stories of the Color Line他青年时代的妻子(The Sheriff’s Children警长的儿女)(the pioneer of the color line);The Marrow of Tradition一脉相承
Crumbling Idol崩溃的偶像(真实主义veritism);Man Travelled Roads大路(The Return of a Private三等兵归来);Rose of Ducher’s Cooly荷兰人山谷中的露斯;A Son of the Middle Border中部边地农家子
The Man Higher Up黄雀在后;Sixes and Sevens七上八下
The House of Mirth欢乐之家;Ethan Frome;Bunner Sister班纳姐妹;The Age of Innocent天真时代;The Customs of the Country乡村习俗;A Backward Glance回首往事
Scepticism and Animal Faith怀疑主义与动物性信仰;The Realms Being存在诸领域(本质/物质/真理/精神领域:4卷)(Relativity of Knowledge);Three Philosphical Poets三大哲学诗人;Poems(A Minuet:On Reaching the Age of Fifty小步舞曲:五十书怀);The Last Puritan最后的清教徒
Souls of Black Folk黑人的灵魂(Of Booker T Washington and Others);The Suppression of the African Slave Trade into the USA制止非洲奴隶贸易进入美国;The Philadephia Negro;John Brown;The Black Flame黑色的火焰(三部曲)
A Book of Verse诗集;Maximilian马克西米连(诗集);
Spoon River Anthology斯普恩河诗集(Lucinda Matlock鲁欣达·马物罗克)
Captain Craig克雷格上尉---诗体小说;The Town Down the River河上的城镇;The Man Against the Sky衬托着天空的人;Avon’s Harvest沃冯的收成;Collected Poems诗集
Moran of the Lady Letty茱蒂夫人号上的莫兰(romantic);Mc-Teague麦克提格(naturalistic);The Epic of the Wheat(realistic)小麦诗史(The Octopus章鱼,The Pit小麦交易所);A Deal in Wheat and Other Stories of the Old and New West小麦交易所及其他新老西部故事
Magic:A Girl of the Streets街头女郎梅姬(美国文学史上首次站在同情立场上描写受辱妇女的悲惨命运);The Red Badge of Courage红色英勇勋章;The Open Boat小划子;The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky新娘来到黄天镇
Sister Carrie嘉莉姐妹;Jennie Gerhardt珍妮姑娘;Trilogy of Desire欲望三部曲(Financer金融家,The Titan巨人,The Stoic);An American Tragedy美国的悲剧(被称为美国最伟大的小说);Nigger Jeff黑人杰弗
We Wear the Mask我们带着面具
他是美国第一个有成就的黑人诗人,被称为“黑种人的桂冠诗人”(Poet Laureate of the Negro Race)
The Son of the Wolf狼之子,The Call of the Wild野性的呼唤;The Sea-wolf海狼;White Fang白獠牙;The People of the Abyss深渊中的人们;The Iron Heel铁蹄;Marti Eden马丁·伊登;How I become a Socialist我怎样成为社会党人;The War of the Classes阶级之间的战争;What Life Means to Me生命对我意味着什么;Revolution革命;Love of Life热爱生命;The Mexican墨西哥人;Under the Deck Awings在甲板的天蓬下
Spring and Harvest春天与收获;The Jungle屠场(揭发黑幕运动的代表作家);King Coal煤炭大王;Oil石油;Boston波士顿;Dragon’s Teeth龙齿
Literature and the American College文学与美国学院()要求恢复古典文学教学;The New Laokoon新拉奥孔;Rousseau and Romanticism卢梭与浪漫主义;Democracy and Leadership民主与领导;On being Creative论创造性
O,Pioneers啊,先驱们;My Antonia我的安东尼亚;The Professor’s House教授之家;Death Comes for the Archibishop大主教之死
The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas爱丽丝·托克拉斯的自传;Tender Button温柔的钮扣
A Boy’s Wish少年心愿;North of Boston波士顿之北(Mending Wall修墙,After Apple-picking摘苹果之后);Mountain Interval山间(成熟阶段)(The Road Not taken没有选择的道路);
West-running Brook西流的溪涧;A Further Range又一片牧场;A Witness Tree一株作证的树
Windy McPherson’s Son饶舌的麦克斐逊的儿子;Marching Men前进中的人们;Mid-American Chants美国中部之歌;Winesburg,Ohio/The Book of the Grotesque俄亥俄州的温斯堡/畸人志;Poor White穷苦的白人;Many Marriages多种婚姻;Dark Laughter阴沉的笑声
The Triumph of the Egg and Other Stories鸡蛋的胜利和其他故事;Death in the Woods and Other Stories林中之死及其他故事;I Want to Know Why我想知道为什么
Always the Young Stranger永远是陌生的年轻人s;In Reckless Ecstasy肆无忌惮的狂热;The Prairie Years草原的年代一、二;The War Years战争的年代(林肯传记);The American Songbag美国歌袋;The People,Yes人民,好;Honey and Salt蜜与盐;Corn-huskers辗米机(Fog雾);Smoke and Steel烟与钢
Harmonium风琴;The Man With the Blue Guitar弹蓝吉他的人;Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction关于最高虚构的札记(Peter Quince at the Clavier彼得·昆斯弹风琴;Sunday Morning礼拜天早晨);The Auroras of Autumn秋天的晨曦;Collected Poems诗集
Bernard Shaw:His Plays肖伯纳的戏剧;The Philosophy of Nietzche尼采的哲学;The American Language美车语言;Happy Days幸福的日子(自传三部曲);Newspaper Days新闻记者的岁月;Heathe Days倡导异端邪说的年代
收入Des Imagistes意像派(意像派的第一部诗选)
诗集:Sour Grapes;Spring and All春;The Desert Music;The Journey of Love爱的历程;Collected Poems;Complete Poems;Collected Later Poems;Pictures from Brueghel布留盖尔的肖像;Paterson佩特森(5卷长诗);Asphodal,That Green Flower常青花日光兰(长诗)
名诗:Red Wheelbarrow红色手推车;The Widow’s Lament in Spring寡妇的春怨;The Dead Baby;The Sparrow ,to My Father麻雀—致父亲;Proletarian Portrait无产阶级画像(from An Early Martyr先驱);
The Great American Novels伟大的美国小说;In the American Grain美国性格;Autobiography自传
Dur Mr Wrenn我们的雷恩先生;The Job求职;The Main Street大先进;Babbitt巴比特;Arrowsmith艾罗史密斯;Elmer Gantry艾尔默·甘特里;Dodsworth多兹沃斯;It can’t Happen Here事情不会发生在这里;Kingsblood Royal王孙梦
The Spirit of Romance罗曼司精神;The Anthology Des Imagistes意像派诗选;Cathay华夏(英译中国诗);Literary Essays文学论;Hugh Swlwyn Mauberley;A Few Don’ts by Imagiste意像派戒条;Personage面具;Polite Essays文雅集;The Cantos of Ezra Pound庞德诗章(109首及8首未完成稿)
Sea Garden海的花园;Collected Poems(Dread山精;Pear Tree;Orchard);The Walls Do Not Fall墙没在倒塌(战争诗三部曲);Tribute to the Angels天使颂;The Flowering of the Rod柳条葳蕤;Tribute to Freud献给弗洛伊德;Hellen in Egypt海伦在伦敦(抒情长诗)
Prufrock and Other Observations普罗夫洛克(荒原意识);The Waste Land荒原(The Burial of the Dead死者的葬礼;A Game of Chess弈棋;The Fire Sermon火诫;Death by Water水边之死;What the Thunder Said雷电之言);
名诗:Ash Wednesday圣灰星期三;Four Quarters四个四重奏
诗剧:Murder in the Cathedral大教堂谋杀案;Family Reunion大团圆;Cocktail Party鸡尾酒会
独幕剧:Bound East to Cardiff东航卡迪夫;The Long Voyage Home归途迢迢;The Moon of the Carribbeans加勒比人之月
多幕剧:Beyond the Horizon天边外(其成名作);Anna Christie安娜·克里斯蒂;The Emperor Jones琼斯皇;The Hairy Ape毛猿;All the God’s Children Got Wings上帝的儿女都有翅膀The Great God Brown大神布朗;The Strange Interlude奇异的插曲;Mourning Becomes Electr素娥怨/悲悼a;The Iceman Cometh送冰的人来了;The Long Days Journey Into Night进入黑夜的漫长旅程/日长路远夜常深沉
Flowering Judas开花的紫荆花(Maria Conception;The Jitting of Granny Weatherall);Pale Horse,Pale Rider;Leaning Tower and Other Stories------TheCollected Stories of K A Porter
Ship of Fools愚人船(唯一的一部长篇小说);The Never Ending Wrong千古奇冤(回忆录)
Towers of Ivory象牙塔;The Happy Marriage幸福的婚姻;Streets in the Moon月色中的街;New Found Land新发现的大陆;Conquistador新西班牙的征服者;Poems1912-1952
广播剧:The Fall of the City城市的陷落;Airraid空袭
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